Hello Fellow Animal! *

Meet Personal Parrot, Coaching Camel and Tailored Tiger. They are our Focus Products.

*Yes you. As we are all animals.

What you get by joining our Focus training

  • 6 weeks of tough love – we aim for change!
  • The science of focus zipped into short videos and easy tools
  • Ongoing support from your sparkling Silta Coaches
  • Concrete tips based on latest research – not on our opinions

What kind of impact we have given?


Recommend or strongly
recommend the training.


Find the course useful
or extremely useful.


Have consciously reduced
smartphone usage.

“The coachings were really nice right from the beginning!”

Extremely good content that helps you see the difference.

To improve my sleep, I’ve started to exercise more on a daily basis.

“I’ve stopped to have my phone with me at every turn”

Choose your Focus Training

Online training for 6 weeks

Personal Parrot

Week 1 | Dopamine & the brain

Week 2 | Tame the chaos of distractions

Week 3 | Habits & Motivation

Week 4 | Make stress your friend

Enjoy a daily 10-minute Focus package and learn to build smart habits. Get concrete neuroscience-based tools, answer Dig Deeper reflection tasks, and get feedback from Johanna, our psychologist.

Online training program

99 €


Coaching Camel

Deepen the skills you learn online and set goals in group coaching. A true change-maker for teams who want to build a culture where everyone can focus. Add Coaching Camel for your Personal Parrot online training and get 2 x 1h group coaching sessions with us.

Online training program + coaching


Not a match still?

Tailored Tiger

Looking for a more tailored solution for your team, unit or whole company? Maybe ongoing reminders of the smart habits in your Slack? Or a workshop on how to build a focus culture? We also offer add-on keynote lectures based on the newest research in neuroscience. You will learn things that you haven’t heard before.

Tailored tiger

Let ‘s plan together!

Stay with us for one month, You can do it!

We offer you: *

Videos – Watch and enjoy science as 2-5 min yummy bites.

Recaps – Enhance your memory and learning in a fun way.

Smart Habits – Build routines that make you feel better.

Mini-tools – Try out easy tools on the go.

Dig Deeper – Answer questions a skilled psychologist would ask you.

*How? In a tough-love kind of way.

Putting you out of your comfort zone, where the change happens.

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