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Johanna Vilmi

Stress & Resilience, How not to burn out.

Johanna makes you act. You will leave the room with a will to make a change.

  • Physical activity – medicine against stress and depression?
  • Emotions – should we follow them?
  • How to make stress your buddy
  • Multitasking and its bitter consequences

Veera Virintie

Brain & Learning, How to make your brain focus

Veera’s spirit is contagious. You will fall in love with neuroscience, too.

  • What The Brain Loves
  • The secret of deep focus in the era of constant distractions
  • How exercise makes you smarter
  • Sleep, exercise & mindfulness as the foundation for focus and learning

Are you a multitasker?

If yes, you’re probably also less efficient and make more mistakes.

How does multitasking affect our brain and why is it so unproductive?

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