The ability to focus is the biggest
competitive advantage of the future.”

Our story

Johanna and Veera are passionate about building the bridge between science and practice. Hence, Silta (bridge in Finnish). They just can’t handle the feeling that all the amazing academic research doesn’t reach the people out there.

The ladies met back in 2016 at a Finnish healthcare startup (thanks Heltti!) and are now on a mission to teaching you the skill to focus.

How? In a tough-love kind of way. Empathetic but not fearing to put you out of your comfort zone. You know, where the change happens.

Johanna is a psychologist and a real stress maestro. Veera is an educational scientist with a huge crush on brain research.

If you ask Veera, Johanna is at best asking you ground breaking questions, finding an out-of-box solution to any issue and making you act! Veera, in turn, with a solid marketing background, knows how to pack the recent findings in neuroscience, her big love, into small bites of easily digestible information. Yumyum!

Johanna Vilmi


Licensed psychologist,
psychology teacher, expert in
stress and motivation, from
University of Turku

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Veera Virintie


Educational scientist focused
on neuroscience, key-note
speaker in Brain and Learning,
from University of Helsinki

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Minna Huotilainen

Professor, brain researcher, author, University of Helsinki

Lasse Mäkelä

Finance and M&A Expert, Founder and former CEO of Invesdor

Mona Moisala

PhD, neuroscientist, researcher on multitasking and the effects of digital devices on attention

Petteri Poutiainen

Regional Director, Workday

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