Distracted? You are not alone.

We make you focus.


The brain is not built for knowledge work.

Hard to focus? ✔
Easily distracted? ✔
Much stress? ✔
No motivation? ✔

In a 6-week neuroscience-based online training, we make you focus. You learn to affect your concentration, build your optimal working environment, set goals that motivate you and make stress your friend.


Your painkiller for concentration problems.

Not being able to concentrate, sucks.

We have squeezed the science of focus into bite-sized videos and tools to implement into your life.

Right away.

“Do I have ADHD?”

Every single day, this question pops up at Johanna’s psychology appointment.

No wonder. Adult ADHD has been on the rise .
(123% from 2007 to 2016).

The uncertainty of the future, the way we use smartphones, lack of sleep and exercise… oh boy.

We have never been so busy getting so little done.

The good news is: Concentration is a skill that can be trained.

Our Focus Packages

You will learn the skill to focus

  • to reach the goals that are meaningful to you.
  • to get things done and reduce stress.
  • to lower your risk for burnout.

Personal Parrot


One-month online training.
You learn to motivate yourself for the dullest tasks and make stress your best buddy. You get tools for building habits that you never want to give up again.

Student, parent, boss or ballerina, this is for you.

Coaching Camel


One-month online training with coaching. You learn to manage distractions, create a new mindset and set goals that you become, gently but surely, accountable for.

Impeccable for companies and their teams.

Tailored Tiger

Let us tell more!

Do you want to improve the concentration skill of your whole organization? Set rules to guarantee focused work? We are the kind of people who make things happen.

For organizations who want to tame the tiger.

What our customers say

“This was an experience that very much improved my quality of life. I’ve already implemented some of the tools and I will implement the rest soon. I got my confidence back, I believe that I can achieve my dreams and my life has meaning again after a long time. This is the best gift I have received in a long time! Thank you!

Silta Focus participant, Autumn 2022

“I recommend the training to all teams who struggle with schedules and cognitive burden.”

“I’ve started to improve my concentration with exercise and quality sleep.”

“I got a lot of new information and started to feel like there’s nothing wrong with me.”

“Älypuhelinta vilkuileva multitaskaaja vie aivoiltaan kyvyn keskittyä. Aivot voi kuitenkin opettaa uudelleen syventymään, vakuuttavat keskittymisvalmentajat Johanna Vilmi ja Veera Virintie.”

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“Me ihmiset olemme kuitenkin eläimiä, mutta me olemme ajautuneet aika kauas lajityypillisistä tarpeista. Meidän pitää kirjoittaa kirja siitä, että aamulla olisi vaikka hyvä mennä ulos tai olisi järkevää pitää joku tauko, Virintie hämmästyy itsekin.”

Read the article (in Finnish)

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Silta Focus is researched at the University of Helsinki

Every piece of the training material is based on Finnish pedagogical expertise and research in neuroscience and psychology. Since spring 2022, the training is offered as part of Finland’s National Student Health Care Services.

The impact of the training is researched at the Faculty of Educational Sciences (ranked number one in EU) of University of Helsinki, in the supervision of renowned neuroscience professor Minna Huotilainen.